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 Information /Magical Items/

These are the magical items that are used throughout the series. Most of them belong to Sakura, while some of them belong to Syaoran, Eriol, and Ms. Mizuki.

 Clow Card (Kurou Kaado)

Clow Cards  Clow Card Top  Clow Card Bottom  Clow Card Before Activation  Clow Card Back

The Clow Cards were created by a powerful sorcerer named Clow Reed. These cards contain magical entities that are capable of being released by the Clow Wand. Each card is unique and contains its own name, form, and magical power. After Sakura captures one of these cards, she writes her name on the bottom of it to ensure that the card will not act on its own and that it will listen to her even when it is outside of the Clow Book.

 Clow Key (Fuuin no Kagi)

Clow Key  Clow Key  Clow Key  Clow Key  Clow Key

This is Sakura's Clow Key. It was given to Sakura by Kero upon agreeing to the Cardcaptor contract. The main function of the Clow Key is to turn into the Clow Wand. The key turns into the wand after Sakura has said its incantation. The other function of the Clow Key is to open the Clow Book which contains the Clow Cards. Sakura wears the Clow Key as a necklace for safekeeping.

 Clow Wand (Fuuin no Tsue)

Clow Wand  Clow Wand Activating a Clow Card  Clow Wand Sealing a Clow Card  Clow Wand Back  Clow Wand Bottom

This is Sakura's Clow Wand. It derives from the Clow Key. Sakura uses the Clow Wand to activate the Clow Cards. In order to activate the cards, Sakura must say an incantation and then strike the face of the card with the tip of the Clow Wand. Some cards take over the Clow Wand when they are being used. For example, the Sword Card turns the Clow Wand into a sword, and the Fly Card extends the Clow Wand's wings so that Sakura can sit on the wand and fly. Not only does Sakura use the wand to activate cards, but she also uses it to seal cards away. Thus, the Clow Wand is also referred to as the Sealing Wand or Sealing Staff.

 Clow Book (Kurou Kaado no Hon)

Clow Book Spine  Clow Book Front Cover  Clow Book Seal and Clasp  Clow Book Inside Cover  Clow Book Back Cover

The Clow Book is the home of the Clow Cards. When Sakura found the Clow Book in her basement, it had a seal on it which she accidentally broke. The book in combination with the seal was designed to keep the Clow Cards together in a place where they could not escape on their own or be activated by someone without magical powers. In addition to the seal placed on the clasp of the book, Cerberus, the Guardian Beast of the Seal, was placed on the front of the book to protect them from escaping. The back of the book contains Clow's magic circle and later features Yue after the Final Judgement. The inside cover of the book has ancient writing, and the pages have been cut into in order to hold the cards.

 Star Card (Sakura Kaado)

Star Cards  Star Card Top  Star Card Bottom  Clow Card Before Being Transformed  Star Card Back

The Star Cards were created by Sakura. They are based on the Clow Cards. The Star Cards are known as Sakura Cards in the Japanese version.

 Star Key (Hoshi no Kagi)

Star Key  Star Key  Star Key  Star Key  Star Key

This is Sakura's Star Key. It is exactly like the Clow Key except it was created by Sakura and is maintained by her magical power rather than Clow Reed's.

 Star Wand (Hoshi no Tsue)

Star Wand  Star Wand  Star Wand Transforming a Clow Card  Star Wand Transforming a Clow Card  Star Wand Activating a Star Card

This is Sakura's Star Wand. The Clow Wand turned into the Star Wand during the Final Judgement after Sakura got a second chance courtesy of the Moon Bell. Much like the Star Key, the Star Wand also uses Sakura's powers instead of the remnants of Clow Reed's power. Unlike the Clow Wand, the Star Wand's wings do not become longer in order to allow Sakura to fly. Instead, she grows wings on her back. However, as with the Clow Wand, the Star Wand transforms into a sword upon using the Sword Card.

 Star Book (Sakura Kaado no Hon)

Star Book Spine  Star Book Front Cover  Star Book Front Cover  Star Book Inside Cover  Star Book Back Cover

This is Sakura's Star Book. It is very similar to the Clow Book in that it used to house the Star Cards and depicts Cerberus on the front of it. The inside cover contains the same writing as the Clow Book; however, the images are a bit different. For example, the moon that was once above the bottom banner is now a star, and the sun that was once on the right side of the top banner is now a moon. Additionally, the circle pattern around the starburst image at the top of the book has been replaced with stars. The back cover of the book is virtually the same as the Clow Book except that it contains Sakura's magic circle instead of Clow Reed's.

 Transformed Star Wand

Transformed Star Wand  Transformed Star Wand  Transformed Star Wand Transforming the Light and Dark Cards  Transformed Star Wand  Transformed Star Wand Bottom

This is Sakura's Star Wand after it has been transformed during the final showdown. It uses the power of Cerberus, Yue, and Sakura. With the help of Syaoran, Sakura is able to transform the Light and Dark Card using this wand. There is no name for this wand in Japanese.

 Syaoran's Sword (Syaoran no Ken)

Syaoran's Sword  Syaoran's Sword  Syaoran Summoning His Sword  Syaoran Activating a Clow Card  Syaoran Activating an Incantation Card

This is Syaoran's sword. Syaoran uses his sword with his Incantation Cards and Clow Cards. When Syaoran uses his sword with Incantation Cards, he holds the sword horizontally and strikes them with the middle of his sword. However, when he uses his sword with Clow Cards, he holds the sword vertically and touches the tip of it to the Clow Card. When Syaoran summons magic without his Incantation Cards, the magic comes from the strike of his sword. This can be seen as early as Episode 8 when he uses his wind spell to knock the Thunder Card off of Tomoeda Elementary's roof. It can also be seen a bit later in Episode 15 when Syaoran uses his thunder spell to attack the Storm Card.

 Syaoran's Incantation Cards (Syaoran no Fuda)

Syaoran's Thunder Incantation Card  Syaoran's Wind Incantation Card  Syaoran's Thunder Incantation Card  Syaoran's Thunder Incantation Card  Syaoran's Water Incantation Card

These are Syaoran's Incantation Cards. There are four in total, and each of them is attributed to an element. The four elements are fire, wind, thunder, and water. With the exception of water, Syaoran uses his Incantation Cards rather equally. (His water spell is used in only one episode.) Syaoran usually uses his Incantation Cards by first chanting a spell and then striking them with his sword. However, Syaoran does not need his sword to use his Incantation Cards. For example, without his sword, his Fire Incantation Card produces a small flame that hovers over top of it and provides him with heat and light.

 Syaoran's Lasin Board (Rashinban)

Syaoran's Lasin Board  Syaoran's Lasin Board  Syaoran's Lasin Board  Syaoran's Lasin Board  Syaoran's Lasin Board

The Lasin Board is a magical compass that allows the user to find the location of Clow Cards. In order to activate the Lasin Board, an incantation must be said. Once this incantation is said, a bluish beam of light points to the location of the Clow Card. If the Lasin Board is unsure of the direction in which the Clow Card is located, only a dome of light will appear in the center of the board. In regard to the design of the Lasin Board, it displays the kanji characters for eight directions and eight elements, and there is a yin yang in the center.

 Eriol's Key (Erioru no Kagi)

Eriol's Key  Eriol's Key  Eriol's Key  Eriol's Key  Eriol's Key

Eriol's Key is what he uses to summon his staff. The incantation he uses to turn the key into the staff is almost identical to the one that Sakura uses to summon the Clow Wand. (The only difference is that he says his own name instead of Sakura's.)

 Eriol's Staff (Erioru no Tsue)

Eriol's Staff  Eriol's Staff  Eriol's Staff  Eriol's Staff  Eriol's Staff

Eriol's Staff is what he uses to perform magical spells.

 Kaho's Moon Bell (Tsuki no Suzu)

Kaho's Moon Bell  Kaho's Moon Bell  Kaho's Moon Bell  Kaho's Moon Bell  Kaho's Moon Bell

The Moon Bell is a magical item that was left behind by Clow Reed. This item was left behind to give Sakura a second chance at the Final Judgement if needed. Kaho is given the task of taking care of the bell until the Final Judgement. Even though the bell has a specific purpose, Kaho uses the bell to warn Sakura and her friends of coming danger and to break down the walls of the Maze Card.


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