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 Daily Chores (Episode 9)

Yamazaki: "I know you just transferred to our school, but it's your turn for the daily chores."

Syaoran: "Daily chores?"

Yamazaki: "When your turn for the daily chores comes you clean the blackboards, write in the daily report, sing songs during recess, and dance around. There are a lot of things you have to do."

Syaoran: "They do that in Japanese schools?"

*Yamazaki nods*

Sakura: "Do the people responsible for the daily chores dance around and stuff?"

Tomoyo: "They don't."

Yamazaki: "Well, we can start by cleaning the blackboard. When you're done with this you have to sing."

Syaoran: "Yeah..."

 Sloths (Episode 13)

Syaoran: "I wonder if sloths are true to their names and don't move around much."

Yamazaki: "That's not true, Li. Sloths are actually very agile, though they always hang down like that as if they don't want to do anything. But once they get into the mood to move, sloths are amazing. Their fastest confirmed moving speed is over 100km/h."

Syaoran: "Amazing."

School Boy A: "There's Yamazaki's special attack again!"

School Boy B: "Yamazaki always thinks it's funny, and is eager to tell lies..."

School Boy C: "Although all of his lies are so blatant that you know they're lies right away."

School Boy A: "But there IS one gullible enough to believe him every so often..."

Syaoran (excited): "I wonder if we can see a sloth in the mood to do something..."

Yamazaki: "It would be nice if we do."

Syaoran (determined): "All right." *holds up camera ready to snap picture*

 Beach Volleyball (Episode 17)

Yamazaki: "Beach volleyball goes back a long time. It started when people played on the beach in Hawaii using coconuts."

Sakura: "With coconuts...?"

Yamazaki: "So... You know that coconuts are hard and heavy, right?

Sakura: "Yeah, they're hard and heavy..."

Yamazaki: "So, it's said that many people were injured playing beach volleyball."

Sakura: *concerned hoeh look*

Chiharu: "It's a lie, a lie."

Sakura: "It's a lie?"

Chiharu: "Most of Yamazaki's stories that seem plausible are lies."

Yamazaki: "Ah ha ha ha ha." *bounces volleyball on head and then spins it on finger*

Sakura: *sweat drop*

Chiharu: *throws ball at Yamazaki's head while he's neck high in sand*

Yamazaki: *>_<* "I'm sorry..."

 Beach Volleyball 2 (Episode 17)

Yamazaki: "Beach volleyball goes back a long way... In ancient Egypt, there was a legend that someone who didn't drop the ball once through the whole game would get their romantic wish granted."

Chiharu: "There you go with the lies again."

Syaoran and Sakura: *run over and take the ball out of Chiharu's hands and begin a fierce battle for Yukito's love*

Tomoyo: "Those two have a lot in common."

Yamazaki, Chiharu, Naoko, Rika: *nod nod*

 Water Yo-Yo (Episode 18)

Yamazaki: "That reminds me... Do you know what the origin of the water yo-yo is? It was first seen in the Edo era, and it was more like a regular summer pastime for the peasants."

Sakura: "Wait, did they have rubber way back then? This is rubber, right?"

Tomoyo: "Yes."

Yamazaki: "Yeah, so they used to make it out of glass."

Chiharu: "It's getting pretty fishy now..."

Sakura: "Glass? Then they couldn't play with it like this..." *bounces yo-yo*

Yamazaki: "No, the classy people created inventive ways to play with it without breaking it."

Chiharu: "It's a lie, a lie."

 Marathon Training (Episode 21)

Naoko: "How can I run faster like Sakura and Yamazaki?"

Yamazaki: "You have to train yourself, of course. It's more effective if you train for marathons at high elevations."

Rika: "High elevations? Like on top of a mountain?"

Yamazaki: *turns to Rika* "Yeah. People who run marathons often practice at the peak of mountains like Mt. Fuji. Even the tallest mountain in the world was first climbed by someone training to run a marathon!"

Naoko: "We don't have tall mountains like that here in Tomoeda."

Yamazaki: "Top-level marathon competitors are also top-level mountain hikers."

Chiharu (aggravated): "There he goes again... Yamazaki's lies."

Sakura: "Oh, it was a lie!?"

Yamazaki: "But it IS true that training is important."

Naoko: "Okay, I'll give it a try."

 Cheering (Episode 30)

Chiharu: "Oh, Sakura-chan."

Sakura: "W-what?"

Chiharu: "We can go to the coliseum next week, too! The cheerleading squad is going to go to the track meet!"

Sakura: *sulking a bit* "Really?"

Naoko: "Let's do our best to cheer for Tachibana-san!"

Chiharu: "Yeah!"

Yamazaki: "Cheering? Let me tell you about cheering... When the old Roman emperor was thrown out to sea during a war, he made his soldiers wave their arms for help. And then wave more."

*Sakura begins to walk away sadly*

Yamazaki: "Wave more became 'Hure! Hure!' And turned into the current cheering style-- 'Hooray!'"

*Syaoran watches Sakura walk away*

Chiharu: "That's a lie!"

Yamazaki: "Let me tell you about lies. Long ago..."

 Quizzes (Episode 34)

Chiharu: "It seems a little hard."

Yamazaki: "It's all right. Since we can't go further without answering a quiz question it doesn't matter if you're an adult or a child."

Chiharu: "You're right!"

Yamazaki: "And speaking of quizzes... the first person to make such a question was a philosopher from Greece. The very first question was, 'What walks with 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 3 legs at night?' and..."

Chiharu: "Yeah, yeah."

Yamazaki: "And the first person to get that question right was..."

*Chiharu drags Yamazaki out of scene*

Sakura: *thinks* "Hey, Yamazaki, what was the answer to that question?"

*She turns to Yamazaki and is surprised he isn't there*

 Strawberries Run (Episode 38)

Yamazaki: "Speaking of strawberries... strawberries were originally from Southern America."

Sakura: "Yeah." *nods*

Yamazaki: "Back then you couldn't eat strawberries much." *whispers* "That was because back then strawberries could run away unlike today, so not many people could get a hold of them. And so people who really wanted to eat them... running after the strawberries was how strawberry picking..."

Chiharu: "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." *begins to drag Yamazaki out of scene*

Yamazaki: "...and today what we have is a strawberry that was altered somehow so it wouldn't run."

Chiharu: "Shessh! You just keep telling lies."

Sakura (surprised): "That was a lie!?"

Syaoran (bluffing): "I-I noticed that it was a lie!"

 Supernatural Phenomenon Penguin (Episode 48)

Yamazaki: "A supernatural phenomenon is the doings of a certain penguin that lives on the highest mountain in Antarctica."

Chiharu: "Penguin?"

Yamazaki (whispers to Naoko): "I hear that it has mysterious powers and it can even fly!"

Naoko (starry-eyed): "Maybe it's an alien!"

*Chiharu now has a vein and her fist clenched*

Yamazaki: "That reminds me, there was a story about a search party from America, seeing a large flying object in the shape of a penguin."

Naoko: "I see."

Chiharu: "There you go with your lies again..."

 Bears (Episode 50)

Yamazaki: "You know, about bears— they used to live in the ocean. They swam the seven seas chasing after salmon."

Sakura: "Really?"

Yamazaki: "As far north as Alaska and the Arctic Sea and as far south as Antarctica. It was a great voyage that spanned the entire globe, and bears back then could even dive deep, deep into the bottom of the ocean."

Sakura: "That is amazing."

Yamazaki: "Yeah! Apparently, the white collar on the Japanese bears were guides so that they wouldn't lose track of their friends at the bottom of the ocean. And, the reason that those bears came up onto land was..."

Chiharu: *grabs Yamazaki by collar* "There you go with your lies again..."

Sakura: "Hoeh?"

Yamazaki: *being dragged off screen but still talking* "...was thanks to a large salmon that you could mistake for a whale."

Chiharu: "Yeah. Yeah, and?"

Sakura: "It was a lie...?"

*Eriol and Syaoran talk to Sakura about going to craft store. A moment later... *

Yamazaki: "The battle between the legendary salmon and the bears lasted 50 long years, and..."

Chiharu: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. And?"

 Suama (Episode 51)

Yamazaki: "Suama is a traditional Japanese sweet and in the past, it was really huge! Apparently, each one took 20 tatami mats (356 square feet) to hold it! The bigger the suama was it was more delicious and the higher the quality it was. Nobles from long ago were competing against each other to make bigger suama and made big sheds just for them. So, in the past there were sheds the size of entire schools here and there and many large suama were made. The largest suama created in Japan of which records still exist today is in Kyoto. Amazingly, it was 360 meters across!"

Chiharu: *grabs Yamazaki by neck and shakes him back and forth* "Don't you want us to stay together at all!?"

Yamazaki: *giggles* "What are you upset about?" *giggles again*

Chiharu: "If you give a bear that you name after yourself to someone you like you can stay together forever!"

Yamazaki: *giggles* "If that was the case, all you had to do was tell me!"

 Calendars (Episode 54)

Tomoyo: "Did something good happen?"

Sakura: "Oh, you can tell?"

Tomoyo: "It's about you, Sakura-chan!"

*Sakura shows Tomoyo her mother's calendar*

Tomoyo: "Oh my..."

Sakura: "It's the calendar that my mother was using."

Tomoyo: "I see."

Yamazaki: "You know about calendars... They used to write them on the ground. But, written on dirt, it would disappear when the wind blew or when rain fell on it, and if cats or dogs walked on it, their footprints would make it illegible. They really were troubled by that. So, they created a job called Calendar Watchers-- people who looked over calendars so that they wouldn't disappear."

Chiharu: *sighs* "Oh, brother, he's lying again..."

Naoko: "I'm surprised he comes up with one thing after another."

*Eriol walks in and everyone says good morning to him*

Yamazaki: "You know about calendars, right, Hiiragizawa-kun?"

Chiharu: "You know, Hiiragizawa-kun, unlike you, is serious, Yamazaki-kun."

Eriol: "How did you know? In old Europe, the Calendar Watcher was a job people envied."

Yamazaki: "That's why people who erased calendars out of mischief had been punished, right?"

Eriol: "Yes. Even in historical documents, there are many incidents and battles that concern calendars."

Yamazaki: "The most famous one by far has to be the incident concerning the calendar in Egypt that spanned 100 kilometers."

Eriol: "That has to be... the work of an alien."

 Alien Cats (Episode 55)

Chiharu: "What are you reading, Yamazaki-kun?" *he shows her the cover* "'Aliens Are Changing into Cats and Are After the Earth!!'? What's that about?"

Naoko: "I read that book."

Yamazaki: "It's interesting."

Naoko: "But is it true? Are cats really aliens?"

Yamazaki: "It's true. Two thirds of all cats on Earth right now are aliens. And, from outer space, about 7,000 aliens of all sorts... not just cat-types... but dog-types, bird-types, penguin-types, and others... arrive to Earth each year."

Naoko: "I wonder if there are goldfish-types, too?"

Yamazaki: "Of course. The goldfish-type aliens have it really tough. Because they have to come with their spacesuit full of water! They have such small bodies, but their spacesuits can weigh tens of kilograms."

Naoko: "Amazing..."

Yamazaki: "Of course, it's too all popular a fact that keseran-paseran are actually aliens..."

Chiharu: *sighs*

 Bazaars (Episode 56)

Naoko: "I'm glad that so many people came to the bazaar again this year."

Chiharu: "Really!"

Yamazaki: "You know, a bazaar is something that long ago, a person named Bazaar started at the Niagra Falls. And the falling water's sound: zabaar, zabaar, zabaar,... bazaar, bazaar... evolved over time. And that's how it got to be called a bazaar. Furthermore..."

Chiharu: *hands Yamazaki a tray* "Here, take this to table number three."

Yamazaki: *takes tray and starts walking* "Back then, they had a problem with the merchandise getting soaked by the splashes from the waterfall..."

Naoko: *claps* "Nothing less from Chiharu."

Chiharu: "Well, it's what I always put up with."

 Christmas (Episode 61)

[Syaoran is about to confess his love to Sakura.]

Syaoran: "U-Um..."

Sakura: "What?"

Syaoran: "I... you, uh..."

Yamazaki: *pops up in between the two* "You know, about Christmas..."

Sakura: *jumps back* "Hoeh!?"

Yamazaki: "In the past, trees were always placed outside. And all the feasts to eat on Christmas hung from them."

Syaoran: (in a state of shock) "Ah. Ah."

Sakura: "But would't the food freeze because it's cold outside?"

Yamazaki: "That's right! So, everything was frozen food. The cake was an ice cream cake, and since it was to be hung..."

Syaoran: (still in a state of shock) "Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah."

 New Year's Day (Episode 62)

Fujitaka: "Happy New Year, Touya-kun."

Touya: "Happy New Year."

Fujitaka: "Sakura-san, isn't your obi too tight?"

Sakura: "Oh, no, I'm fine..."

Fujitaka: "Here's the New Year's cards. This is your share, Sakura-san."

Sakura: "Wow, thanks!"

Fujitaka: "You're welcome. Please hold on a moment. I'll get rid of the remaining work. Let's go to the shrine for New Year's greetings later."

Sakura: "Yeah!" *sits on couch* "I wonder what king of cards they all got me... Wow, Naoko-chan's card has a drawing on it! Rika-chan has a beautiful card... Oh, this is Yamazaki-kun's. Let's see... They call New Year's Day 'Gantan' because an old wise Chinese monk named Gantan was born on January 1st. I see..."

Chiharu's card reads, "What's on Yamazaki's card is a LIE! Best regards for the coming year."

Sakura: "It's a lie...? R-Really?" .__.

 Swimming Competitions (Episode 63)

Yamazaki: "About swimming competitions. The first competition was back in old England where two gentlemen swam across the Thames River instead of duel. Back then, it was the middle of winter in England... they say it was REALLY cold. On top of it all there was dense fog in the air, the water was cold, visibility was low, it was just a nightmare."

Chiharu: *pulls Yamazaki's ear* "Yeah, yeah. Let's go swimming together over there." *drags him out of scene*

Yamazaki: "That was when those parasols came in handy. How they used them was to claw through the fog by opening them up."

Naoko: "Yamazaki's lies make you wonder how it's going to end, if you don't hear the whole story."

Tomoyo: "Yes, really."

Sakura: "It was a lie?"

 Geta Skiing (Episode 64)

Yamazaki: "You know, about skis... They used to ski with geta sandals."

Sakura: "Geta? How did they ski with geta sandals? Those teeth get in the way making it impossible to slide!"

Yamazaki: "Well, in the old days the geta sandals didn't have those teeth. Right, Hiiragizawa?"

Eriol: "Yes. And they extended 1 meter each for the front and back, longer than they are now."

Sakura: "I see, there used to be geta sandals for skiing in the past..."

Eriol and Yamazaki: "But that's not the case!"

Eriol: "They used to wear them normally, too."

Yamazaki: "They wore them even when it wasn't snowing outside."

Eriol: "So I hear it was rather tough to walk. There was a trick to running quickly. In spring, they had races as to who could run the fastest with those geta sandals."

Yamazaki: "And of course in winter they raced on the snow."

Eriol: "A massive geta-ski athletic festival! Right?"

Yamazaki: "Right."

Sakura: *O-o*

Chiharu: *sigh* "When he teams up with Hiiragizawa to pull this stunt I don't know if I should comment and stop them or not."

Naoko: "But they really are in sync with each other."

 Blue Postboxes (Video Diary Special!)

Yamazaki: "Everyone! Did you know?"

Chiharu: "Are you making lies again?"

Yamazaki: "I didn't say anything yet!"

Chiharu: "Then what is it?"

Yamazaki: "Well, do you know about the 'Blue Postbox?' Postboxes aren't all red. There are blue ones, too."

Sakura: "Are there really postboxes like that?"

Tomoyo: "Isn't it one of Yamazaki-kun's usual lies?"

Meilin (hanging on Syaoran): "Of course! Yamazaki-kun's 'realistic' stories like those are always lies. Right, Syaoran?"

Syaoran: "Heavy..."

 Blue Postboxes 2 (Video Diary Special!)

Chiharu: "So what about the blue postbox?"

Yamazaki: "In the blue postbox, if you put in a letter to someone you love, that person will love you too!"

*Sakura, Syaoran, and Meilin hear Yamazaki's voice echoing* "...that person will love you too!"

Sakura: "Yukito-san..."

Meilin: "Syaoran..."

Syaoran: "That person..."

Meilin (exiting nervously): "I just remembered something."

Syaoran: *follows suit* "M-me, too..."

Sakura: *also follows suit* "Me, too."

 Takoyaki Octopus (Leave it to Kero!)

Yamazaki: "So the octopus inside takoyaki used to be a flying creature."

Chiharu: "Again with the lies."

Yamazaki: "It's true. They say that it used to spin its 8 legs really fast to fly in the air. Flying kites on New Year's started when someone controlled that octopus' flight with string."

Chiharu: "Jeez, what lies. I wish I didn't give you a takoyaki-like superball."

Yamazaki: "But this sure is an unusual superball."


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