Are you just a dream?

The Mysterious Girl

I'm sitting here in a corner of my plain and simple room, head between hands in deep thought. My elbows rested upon my knees as I pulled them close to my chest. I look up at the ceiling and sigh, confusion was wondering inside my head and frustration was banging against it. A sweet laugh echoed in my mind and a picture of a girls face appears as if it were painted on the ceiling, her rosy lips curl into a smile, her eyes are like emeralds shinning with joy, her hair was a golden, soft brown that swayed to her every movement. She looks at me for a moment and turns away. Again I sigh and look in between my legs, my cape is sitting there. I grab my cape and I stand up, walking around my dull, lonely room not really noticing where my feet are taking me, I arrive at the window. Slowly, I push it open and look out into the world. The air is refreshing and the birds sang their morning song but what attracts me the most is a beautiful cherry blossom tree. A light pink glows from the tree as I stare at it. As I was about to close the windows again I hear a soft voice, someone was singing along with the birds, I reopen the windows and search for the source of the voice. There, under the cherry blossom tree was a girl, her eyes are a bright green, golden brown hair, and it was she! I turned around, not bothering to close the windows and walked towards the dresser. I carefully put on my cape and bandana then rush out of the door. I run down the corridors and turned the corner until, I hit into a tall, dark, muscular man who laughed.

"What's the rush?"

"I'm sorry Viktor, could you close my door for me please? Thanks"

I pass Viktor the keys before he could say anything for I know what he would say.

"Ok but you owe me later!"

I just nod at Viktor and run off so that I may catch the girl. I finally reach the stairs and I buckle down them, not really caring if I slip and fall. As I come to the bottom of the stairs, I open the door and Lord Riou was on the other side with two large boxes.

"Ahh, would you be able to help me please?"

"I'm a bit busy sir..."

"Oh please I just need these through that door."

Riou points across the long, empty hall and towards a big silver door. I sigh and pick up one of the boxes and start to make my way across the huge room. I look to the side and see Luc staring at me. I squint my eyes and look forward as I approach the big silver doors.

"Thank you very much!"

"Sorry to be rude my Lord but I must rush off."

"Take care."

I roll my eyes and run across the grand hall and approach the double brown doors and push them open once more. The breeze welcomes me to the outside as I breath in the fresh air. I walk towards my now favourite tree and examine it. As I get closer my heart sinks. I had missed her. I sit under the tree and lean against it. I look up at the sky and close my eyes, listening to the wind rustling through the leaves of the tree, the birds as they sing their beautiful song, and my breathing. I stayed like that for a while then opened my eyes. I slowly stand up and dust myself off. Suddenly, I hear footsteps behind me and I spin around, sword in hand. I look towards the person walking and I lower my sword, it was she, her hair was swaying with the wind and her eyes, looking at me in fright. She opens her lips and says,

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you. My name is..."


A/N- *hides in corner* don't hurt me! I thought it was ok so I put it up! I will do another chappy soon but I can't give you a date.

Anyways keep on smiling

- Sweet Madison